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Mon, 04/02/2012

Smoothshapes® is the latest advance in cellulite treatment. Smoothshapes® utilizes photomology, an exclusive technology that treats cellulite including subcutaneous fat by combining dynamic laser and light energy with mechanical manipulation. This newest technology consists of: 915nm laser to liquefy fat; 650nm light which increases cell membrane permeability, improves blood circulation and improves inflammation; contoured rollers to move liquids from the interstitial fluid into the lymphatic system; and vacuum which enables consistent light penetration to tissue. The standard treatment protocol for cellulite is 8 treatments administered 2 times per week for 4 weeks

SmoothShapes® is also beneficial before and after liposuction. SmoothShapes  wavelengths increase the permeability of the fat cell which makes it easier to remove during liposuction. SmoothShapes® reduces post procedure pain, bruising and swelling while providing smoothing of the skin and improvement in cellulite. The standard treatment protocol for SmoothShapes® in combination with liposuction is 2 SmoothShapes® treatments pre-liposuction and 6 SmoothShapes® treatments post-liposuction.

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