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Drooping skin or wrinkles around the eyes can make you appear much older than you really are. Although older age plays the most important role in its onset, wrinkles can also be caused by the effects of the sun, gravity, and various other environmental factors. Many Americans are displeased with how the area around their eyes appears and they struggle to find non-invasive solutions for them. Our dermatologist, Dr. Bruce E. Katz, can help remedy this problem with a non-surgical eye lift.

To discuss a laser eye lift procedure with our dermatologist, please contact us today by calling (888) 610-3133.

What is an Eye Lift?

Also known as the Madonna Lift, an eye lift is a laser procedure performed on the skin around the eye. The laser helps to break down old collagen and damaged tissues around your eyes. Afterward the once damaged areas will give way to new collagen and tissues, leaving you with youthful, firm skin.

Our eye lift is non-invasive, so you can evade the pain and long recovery time typically associated with eye lift surgery.

Our eye lift can be used on all different skin types. To ensure that there won't be any pigmentation problems in darker skin types, we will always do a spot test somewhere inconspicuous prior to the procedure.

Eye Lift Treatment for:

  • Wrinkles around your eyes
  • Crow's feet
  • Loose skin on your eyelids
  • Remove dark circles
  • Raise eyebrows that are drooping

Schedule Your Eye Lift Procedure Today

By contacting our Manhattan dermatology office, you can schedule an eye lift consultation. Our dermatologist will discuss with you how you can benefit from an eye lift and what your realistic expectations should be. Contact JUVA Skin & Laser Center today! Call (888) 610-3133 or fill out the contact form on this page. We happily serve patients in Manhattan, New York City, and nationwide.


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