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The Juva Foundation has several missions. One is to educate the public about the scientific advances and safety issues in the field of cosmetic and laser surgery. The foundation also strives to alert individuals to the important questions to ask when seeking these procedures. The popularity of cosmetic and laser surgery in our society today has grown tremendously. There are very few not- for- profit resources for the public in this regard. Stories of cosmetic procedures resulting in serious side effects and deaths have been well documented in the media. The Foundation’s goal is to educate the public so these situations can be avoided.

It is also a mission of the Juva Foundation to educate and train physicians in the latest scientific advances in the field of cosmetic and laser surgery. The Foundation works to teach physicians how to perform these techniques in a safe and ethical manner.

Finally, the Juva Foundation sponsors research in the field of cosmetic and laser surgery which will improve the safety and efficacy of these procedures. It also encourages studies which will lead to less invasive techniques with fewer adverse effects.

The Juva Foundation is a not-for-profit 501 c 3

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