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Skin Cancer is the most common form of cancer, affecting more than one in five Americans during their lifetime. Fortunately, if diagnosed early, it is among the easiest to treat successfully. Mohs micrographic surgery is one of the most advanced, most successful, and least invasive forms of skin cancer treatment. If you suspect you have skin cancer or have been diagnosed with skin cancer, Mohs micrographic surgery can help you get rid of it with the highest cure rate and the least amount of scarring.

This page describes one treatment option for skin cancer. To be evaluated for skin cancer or get an already-diagnosed cancer treated requires a personal consultation. To schedule your consultation at Juva Skin and Laser Center in central Manhattan, please call 212-688-JUVA (5882) or email us today.

What Is Mohs Micrographic Surgery?

Mohs micrographic surgery involves removing skin cancer layer by layer until the entire tumor is removed. As each layer is removed, it is examined under a microscope to determine whether it is cancerous or not. Tissue is removed until the removed tissue is cancer-free, which signals that the clear margins of the tumor have been reached.

Advantages of Mohs Micrographic Surgery

Mohs surgery has the highest cure rate for the most common type of skin cancer, basal cell carcinoma, up to 99%. Other skin cancers can also be treated with high success rates, but not all are suitable for Mohs micrographic surgery. In addition to the high success rate, Mohs micrographic surgery offers several advantages:

  • Minimal damage to surrounding tissue
  • Requires only local anesthesia
  • Treatment completed in one day
  • Reconstruction of the treatment site is possible during the same visit (by our onsite plastic surgeon)
  • Maximal cosmetic results
  • Very cost effective

These advantages make Mohs micrographic surgery the gold standard for skin cancer treatment of many types of skin cancer.

Cost of Mohs Micrographic Surgery

Mohs micrographic surgery cost is typically covered by your insurance. Depending on your plan, you may be responsible for deductibles or co-pays.

Why Choose Juva Skin and Laser Center

At Juva Skin and Laser Center, our chief Mohs surgeon, is known throughout the area for her skill, compassion, and superb surgical technique. Her patients praise her and her work, and we are very proud to have her in our practice. Because of our cosmetic experience, we are very sensitive to your postsurgical appearance and strive to achieve the most subtle results possible.

To learn more about Mohs micrographic cancer surgery at Juva Skin and Laser Center, please contact us to schedule an appointment at our office in central Manhattan.

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