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Mommy Makeover - NY Plastic SurgeonHaving a child is one of the most rewarding events in a woman’s life. While bearing and raising a child is a wonderful joy, the pregnancy, delivery, and even the lack of sleep after having your child can take a toll on your body.

You may find yourself looking at your reflection wishing that your pre-pregnancy appearance was still there. If this is the case, our experienced New York plastic surgeon can perform a mommy makeover that can restore your entire body to the look you desire. If you’re interested in this procedure, please contact JUVA Skin & Laser Center today by calling (888) 610-3133.

What Is a Mommy Makeover?

A mommy makeover is a combination of procedures that can be done in order to restore your body’s shape to its pre-pregnancy appearance. During your consultation appointment, our Manhattan plastic surgeon will work with you to determine which body contouring procedure(s) would be best for you in order to give you a youthful, healthy, and radiant look.

A mommy makeover usually includes any or all of the following procedures:

  • Liposuction – can be done to your abdomen, back, legs, arms, or even your neck to remove excess fat and skin from your body
  • Tummy tuck – this procedure can be done to remove excess fat and skin from your abdominal area and to tighten the abdominal wall muscles that become stretched with pregnancy creating a “bulge”
  • Breast lift – this procedure can be done with or without breast implants to lift your breasts and give them the look you desire
  • Breast implants – can be performed to restore youthful fullness particularly to the upper portion of the breasts


Lasting Results From a Skilled New York Plastic Surgeon

There are many benefits that can come from a mommy makeover.  The procedures aim to restore your pre-pregnancy look.  When this is achieved, women often experience a boost in self confidence.

In order to experience the best results from your mommy makeover procedure, you need to have a plastic surgeon that you can trust. Our New York plastic surgeon is Board-Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has a vast amount of experience with all of the procedures that can be included in your mommy makeover.

In order to schedule your consultation, please contact JUVA Skin & Laser Center today. We serve clients in Manhattan, all of New York, and nationwide. Call us today at (888) 610-3133.

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