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There are many reasons why our faces can lose volume. It often happens naturally with age, but sometimes it is a side effect of an otherwise successful diet and exercise program. If you are unhappy with gaunt cheeks, Sculptra is the injectable treatment that functions as a volumizer. Unlike other injectable fillers, Sculptra is not a filler itself, but an injectable treatment that causes your body to produce its own filler. This means it takes longer to show results, but also that the results may last longer than any other filler.

Sculptra is a great option for facial rejuvenation, but it is not for everyone. This page contains some background information on this treatment, but the best way to learn whether it is right for you is with a personal consultation at Juva Skin and Laser Center in central Manhattan. Please call (888) 610-3133 or email us today to schedule your consultation.

What Is Sculptra?

Sculptra is a purified treatment of poly-L-lactic acid, a biocompatible compound similar to the lactic acid that builds up in your muscles during heavy exercise, what causes that muscle burn and soreness associated with a good workout. When injected into the face, it stimulates your body to produce additional collagen, which will fill in the desired areas.

Unlike other injectable fillers, Sculptra may take several weeks to show significant results. You may experience some immediate swelling that may even be more increased volume than you desired. This is not an uncommon side effect, but will pass within a few days. Your body will begin producing collagen, and after a few weeks, we will know whether you require additional treatments. Most people get 2-3 treatments to achieve ideal results. Once achieved, these results may last up to 2 years.

Sculptra was originally developed to help AIDS patients maintain a normal facial appearance, but the results were so good that many doctors began using it off-label. In 2009, Sculptra Aesthetic was approved for use in cosmetic restoration of facial volume.

Sculptra | Injectable | Dermal Filler | NYCWhere Sculptra Is Used

Sculptra is best for larger areas where you desire a significant amount of added volume. We mostly use it for:

  • Sunken cheeks
  • Hollows under the eyes

Sculptra is not recommended for lip augmentation.

Why Choose Juva Skin and Laser Center

Because of its delayed results, Sculptra is one of the more difficult fillers to use. It takes an experienced practitioner to predict the results you are likely to see so you get the natural-looking and long-lasting results you desire. At Juva Skin and Laser Center, our doctors and staff are trained and experienced in using a variety of injectable fillers, including Sculptra. In fact, our doctors are world-renowned, and other doctors come to our center from around the globe to learn the secrets of our technique.

To experience the benefits of our training and experience in the use of Sculptra, please schedule an appointment at Juva Skin and Laser Center in central Manhattan. Call us at (888) 610-3133.

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