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A personal program for your total skin rejuvenation... that's our goal at Juva. We use the latest technology to optimize your health and restore your glowing, youthful complexion.

Our physicians treat all aspects and diseases of the skin, hair and nails, including allergies, eczema, psoriasis and fungal infections. Many potentially serious skin problems, including skin cancer, can be avoided if detected and treated early. Based on a dermatologic examination and screening consultation, a program of preventive skin care will be prescribed. Here are some reasons to choose our dermatologist over another.

Available services include the therapeutic "Pulse Peel" treatment, skin cancer and Mohs micrographic surgery and an annual full-body skin cancer screening. Our new Visia scan system can detect sun damage that is not apparent to the naked eye. It is also used to track improvement from many treatments offered at Juva.

Dr. Katz is a spokesperson for the Skin Cancer Foundation and has pioneered the "Pulse Peel" treatment, recognized for its cosmetic and therapeutic value in improving the appearance of sun-damaged skin while removing pre-cancerous cells, sun-damaged skin and wrinkles. Sunscreens are an essential part of your skin care regimen and at Juva MediSpa we recommend the Juva spray tan for a natural looking, safe tan. 

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