Questions about Appointments and Scheduling

Dermatology, Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery in New York City (NYC) and Manhattan

How much is a consultation?

Consultations range from $150 to $490 depending on the physician you see and how much time is spent during the visit.

Can I have the procedure the same day as the consultation?

It is generally not possible to have a surgical procedure on the same day as the consultation. Not all patients are candidates for the procedures they are interested in. We do try to accommodate patients visiting New York from overseas.

How many visits are needed for particular treatments?

The number of visits varies with the individual and the type of treatment or procedure.

How soon can I have an appointment with Dr. Katz or his associates?

If you wish to see Dr. Katz you usually need to book your appointment 4 to 6 weeks in advance. Other doctors can usually accommodate a patient in the same week.

Can I book a procedure without seeing a physician for a consultation?

It is always necessary to see one of the physicians at Juva before a procedure can be scheduled.

Does the doctor normally keep to his schedule of appointments?

Normally, the physicians at Juva keep to their schedule of appointments. However, feel free to call ahead to see whether the physician is on time. Various situations and emergencies can arise causing a delay in the schedule. You may also see Appointment Status.

Registration Forms

Please fill out the new patient registration forms prior to your visit to Juva for both New York and Queens.

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