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Denisse is hands down the best at what she does. It’s really an art to cosmetic fillers/injectable and she serves every time. I got my lips and Botox done and they both turned out better than expected. She’s very attentive, professional and a sweetheart! I recommend her for any injectable she has such a gentle hand In which I never get any bruising! Also, Courtney the Medical Assistant was great in comforting me and easing me of any pain, also a sweetheart. Great visit overall!

Dr. Katz is very knowledgeable and has a wealth of experience in diagnosing both common and rare skin conditions quickly. I highly recommend him.

Thank you for always taking care of me, Dr. Katz and staff!

I had such a wonderful experience! I had the pleasure of seeing Denisse, she was extremely professional and friendly. I will be going back!

Got a year lobe repair there they were amazing strongly recommend!

I had an outstanding experience with Dr Bruce Katz. He spent time listening to my concerns. He did a beautiful job adding filler to my hallow eye troughs .In minutes he erased years from my tired looking eyes. He is a skilled cosmetic dermatologist. I highly recommend him.

Dr. Katz is the BEST in his field!! I highly recommend going to him. Dr. Katz is also friendly and helpful. The Juva Skin & Laser Center is a beautiful office with very friendly staff. My favorite staff member is Alex, who is extremely kind and is great at easing any stress or nerves a patient may have. I always request Alex to take care of me and I highly recommend that all new patients ask for her too.

Dr Katz is a SUPERIOR doctor. Unlike other media famous physicians who only care about promoting themselves.. he has cared for me for minor ailments and larger ones. Recently I was out of state for an extended time and the dermatologists in Massachusetts were atrocious.. literally scarring my skin .. I came into the city to see him after the awesome staff gave me a next day appt and he TOTALLY CLEARED UP THE MESS the others derms made in Massachusetts. I have had acne all my life and keep it under control but not being in NYC.. there just aren’t any good derms. Even within the city.. I’ve seen the best and Katz is in top 3 for me of all time. You can trust him, he’s super pleasant and I’ve been at the dermatologist since I was 12.. I HIGHLY recommend

Always a great experience!

Dr. Katz is highly experienced professional! Friendly, welcoming staff!

My experience was awesome from the start. The interaction with the front desk staff was very warm and extremely professional. Mai and Alex stood out with their genuineness and enthusiasm to assist. Mai was very prompt to respond to my emails for information and was able to squeeze me in even though they were fully booked. Alex in particular made my experience there very memorable with her words of comfort and thoughtful sense of humour which kept me focused and at ease during my session. Dr. Mazloom was also fantastic and very willing to accomodate my needs. Overall, this was a really world class customer service experience for me and I would highly recommend this establishment

Joel had smart Lipp here , and the results were amazing !! Dr Mazloom was kind and considerate , and did a fantastic job, and transformed Joel’s stomach , he went from fat to fab in six weeks!

Have been seen by Dr. Katz for close to ten years. (That should say enough). Very caring, attentive and informative, as well as being very personable. He very well may have saved my life by detecting a very small spot on my back, which turned out to be cancer. If not treated I doubt I would be writing this or any other review. Wishing Dr. Katz a long life and (being selfish) many more years in practice. Let me also say that his nurse Lee is as attentive and caring as Dr. Katz. The staff at the front desk are equally as good.

Personable, knowledgeable doctor. Prescribed a rather pricey in-house product. Hopefully it works better than what is available on the market.

I live in Phoenix, Arizona. My primary medical care is at the Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale. However, I make it a priority to travel a few times a year to see Dr Katz in NYC. It’s so reassuring to have trusted physician I can rely upon. After 20 years and several cross country moves he remains the best.

Our whole family has been seen by Dr. Bruce Katz whenever we have to see a dermatologist. He is an excellent doctor, very knowledgeable, kind , has a gentle manner and I would recommend him without any reservation . His office staff is also very efficient and polite.

Dr. Katz and his staff are consummate professionals.

I have been going to juva for the past couple years and have seen many of their providers including Dr. Katz & Marianne. They always address my concerns and I leave feeling wonderful! I have been seen for both dermatology and cosmetic reasons. The staff is great and I love the Juva products!

I've been going to Juva for years for various laser procedures and I've always been very happy with the results. I've recently had undereye veins/darkness done by Dr. Katz and I am beyond thrilled with the results. Dr. Katz is very kind and very professional and he does a great job. I couldn't be happier!

I recently underwent the FaceTite procedure performed by Dr. Mazloom. I was a bit nervous, but Dr. Mazloom was very reassuring and explained the entire procedure and recovery. The procedure was not very painful, was only about 30 minutes in duration, and I was comfortable throughout. I had very little post-procedure pain and only took two Tylenol that evening. I did have to wear a pressure garment for several days which to me was the worst part. I returned for a post procedure visit three weeks later, photos were taken, and was shown the before and after results. I did notice quite a change and am told it will improve even further over the next few months. The entire staff at Juva was also very professional and accommodating.

Detail oriented, considerate, asks all the right questions.

Juva , entire staff is organized, professional & dedicated. Not to mention the facility is modern with advanced equipment and clean rooms. Worked with Dr Katz ,who is friendly, professional , brilliant , alongside Alex !! Alex , from the moment she took me from the waiting room to the time that I left she was VERY attentive, checked in , review the procedures step by step to ensure understanding and comforted me through the entire procedure. Hope you are fortunate to get Alex, assistant to the Dr. Katz, if you ever go to Juva Skin & Laser Center.. !!

I recently had some fillers done by Dr. Katz and I could not be happier! His technique is great! I was in and out of the office in no time and my face looks great! Can’t wait to go back and try out some of their many advanced lasers. Thanks Dr. Katz

My name is Melinda Barrineau and my family (which consists of 13 people) and I have been patients of Dr. Katz, Dr. Woody and Dr. Ferrante for many many years. I really feel that it is necessary to let you know what an exemplary practice this is. The doctors and the staff are knowledgeable, patient, kind, compassionate,resourceful, pleasant, hard working and very up to date on all of the latest technology. Juva Skin and Laser Center is absolutely a cut above the rest! Sincerely, Melinda

I’ve been suffering with acne since I was 16 years old and I am now 18 and flawless . I had huge cysts and all kinds of scarring you can think of. The staff took great care of me and I’m just overall so impressed with how fast results showed . Highly highly highly recommend this place for a boost in your self confidence within weeks!

My experience at Juva has been far more than satisfactory. Dr. Katz and the staff are very knowledgeable and very helpful in every way. I highly recommend Juva Skin & Laser Center.

From my first inquiry phone call to my facial (from Sage) an overall wonderful experience. The office is very clean, the team is pleasant and professional....I have already made another appointment and referred all of my friends! Visit or call them and you'll see for yourself

From my very first phone call to inquire about the services offered, I knew this was the place for me! The staff is amazing, courteous, patient, extremely professional!!! All the ladies and Dr. Katz took any concerns I had, and totally made me feel at ease. I had Smart Lipo! The procedure was painless,I just had it YESTERDAY, I already feel great and see a positive change!! If you follow their very thorough instructions, you’ll be amazed by the results!!! I did EVERYTHING to the letter!!! I highly recommend JUVA ladies and gentlemen!!

While I have visited JUVA Skin & Laser Center's Research Department a number of times, yesterday was my first appointment with Dr. Katz. I would like to say that not only is this office conveniently located, but it is tidy, well organized, and offers an abundance of educational materials for the numerous procedures that can be performed there. The office staff is always professional, helpful, accommodating and thorough. Dr. Katz generously offered his expert advice on questions that I presented regarding products and techniques. I found him to be warm, caring, patient, direct, and informative. You’re in good hands at this top notch facility and I highly recommend it.

Had an amazing experience with Dr Katz and his staff. Wonderful experience. Dr Katz was warm and patient. His expertise shows. He explained in detail the bellafill procedure and any questions and expectations I might have. I was a little nervous before the procedure and left walking on air. I was smiling non stop. I was so impressed. The salon is beautiful and everyone makes you feel so comfortable. His staff was amazing too. Very nice and kind. I would highly recommend juva skin and laser center. I don't say that lightly. It was a great, positive experience.

Dr Bruce E. Katz is a consummate professional. He heads the leading skin and laser center in NYC and is a pioneer in the field. In only one visit he erased 10 years from my skin and I'm thrilled. He and his staff are supportive, friendly, personable, and knowledge. From the front desk to his supporting physicians, you will always feel safe and cared for. I had the pleasure of working with Dr.Katz and Sheepa. If you're looking for skin rejuvenation, do yourself a huge favor and visit Juva.

As a former athlete, I had developed many stretch marks all over my arms from weightlifting that were very unsightly and left me feeling self conscious about wearing short sleeve shirts and going on the beach. After reading some reviews, I decided to have a consultation with Jennifer at Juva skin and laser. The staff was completely professional and very knowledge regarding options for removing the marks. I was concerned at first because having a laser done before, the recovery was fairly long (blistered, red, and required a heavy ointment applied that’s kind of messy). We decided to go with the Endymed Intensif. I checked around and cost was as competitive or lower than anyone else. Very surprised at how easy and quick the session was. I was made to feel comfortable throughout. As far as the procedure goes, all I really felt was a tiny pinching sensation almost like a quick snap of a rubber band as my arms were numbed with a topical treatment prior to starting. I’m already seeing good results and can’t wait to finish treatments to be ready for the summer. I highly recommend checking them out.

I am very lucky because I live right next to the Juva Skin & Laser Center in Queens. The staff is fantastic. Always kind and very helpful. I recommend them very highly.

I love Dr. Katz for his extensive knowledge when it comes to dermatology and his concern for your skin. I've been going to Juva for my skincare checkups for years!!!

I've been visiting this office for a few year's and the Doctors are great, staff is wonderful very clean professional and accomadating. Thank you. See you again soon.

Dr. Katz was great! I definitely will be back to see him.

I had a few insecurities that I never thought would be possible to fix..when little did I know that Juva had me covered. Team leader Sarhai always made me feel comfortable asking me if I had any questions about anything at all. She's extremely knowledgeable and literally handles you with lots of care. Not only did she tell me about two procedures Dr. Katz offered that was exactly what I wanted to change about my appearance, but also invited me to girls night where major discounts are given for new procedures! Bring all your insecurities to the table, Juva has real solutions that work! I love turning back the clock baby!

I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with Dr Katz and his staff for a long time. I do a lot of research into any aesthetic practice before working with them, and I can say with tremendous confidence that JUVA Skin & Laser Center is the best in NYC.

Great price and very affordable and very friendly staff :)

I have been a patient of Dr. Katz for 10 years now. Words cannot fully describe how great he and his staff are. I decided to do the cellulaze procedure 4 years ago. I was very nervous, but the nurses were so friendly that it put my nerves at ease. My child was 2 at the time and was worried about doing the procedure and having to care for her. I couldn't believe how easy the procedure was that I was able to care for my child. My cellulite looks so amazing even until today. My legs were so tight and I had no cellulite after 6 months. I love JUVA so much that I highly recommend it to anyone who needs any cosmetic procedures. The staff and Dr. Katz are truly amazing!

Dr. Arora injected my lips and cheeks and I absolutely love them! He made me feel super comfortable and had an artists eye! He was conservative with the initial injection as I did not want to look "done". I came back two weeks later for a follow-up and had my lips plumped a little more! He had great bedside manner and his team made it fun and comfortable my entire visit! I have and will continue to recommend friends and family to Dr. Arora!

I went to see Dr. Katz because I wanted to have some fillers in my cheeks and lips and a little Botox. I was worried about looking fake or having that permanent look of surprise on my face. When I explained this to Dr. Katz he understood exactly what I meant. I left feeling and looking fantastic! His bedside manner was amazing! He spent a lot of time with me in the room making sure I was ok and happy. I also came to find out that he has a wonderful personality. He made a few jokes to put me at ease that really made me laugh out loud. His staff was extremely warm, inviting and really competent. It was a great experience visiting his office from the beginning to the end! I will definitely be back to see him and would recommend Dr. Katz to anyone!

I went to see Dr. Katz because I wanted to have some fillers in my cheeks and lips and a little Botox. I was worried about looking fake or having that permanent look of surprise on my face. When I explained this to Dr. Katz he understood exactly what I meant. I left feeling and looking fantastic! His bedside manner was amazing! He spent a lot of time with me in the room making sure I was ok and happy. I also came to find out that he has a wonderful personality. He made a few jokes to put me at ease that really made me laugh out loud. His staff was extremely warm, inviting and really competent. It was a great experience visiting his office from the beginning to the end! I will definitely be back to see him and would recommend Dr. Katz to anyone!

Dr. Katz lasered my acne scars on my face that I suffered with for many years. The endymed intesif works wonders! I did three treatments and my face looks brand new! Dr. Katz has changed my life. I always had to wear extra makeup to hide my acne scars, its so refreshing to just wear my bare skin. Highly recommend him!

I have been a patient of Dr. Katz`s for many years and I'm always happy with my results from my treatments. I usually go for botox treatment for excessive sweating and always leave sweat free! The Nursing team is also great and always treat me with great care.

Juva was a great experience from start to finish . I am very happy with the treatment that I received. I highly recommend Marianne Woody !

Dr. Katz has done several procedures on me and I have been very happy with all of them. My favorite was Smart Lipo, not only because of the great result I received, but because of the way Dr. Katz made me feel at ease with his calm demeanor and excellent track record and experience. Staff was equally as great too.

Dr. Katz is an amazing Dermatologist and Cosmetic surgeon! He is always on top of the latest advancements that are happening in his field and speaks all over the world at conventions educating other physicians. He is a true inspiration to us all.

Dr. Katz and staff are fabulous! I've gone to the office a few times for laser hair removal and I can honestly say that I have silky smooth legs now. The procedure was fast and very little discomfort. I will definitely be back for other treatments.

I went to Juva for a consultation about a feminine rejuvenation procedure. After having my two children I have suffered from the dreadful accidental urine leakage whenever I sneeze, jump or laugh. Having lived with this condition for years, I was thrilled to find out there was a non-surgical option. I met with the Nurse Practitioner, Marianne Woody, and she was great! She addressed all my concern and explained the Thermiva procedure well. I had the treatment done right then and there! After just one treatment I noticed the difference immediately! The leakage was less! I returned to Juva for a 2nd and 3rd Thermiva treatment to enhance my results and now I am leak free! THANK YOU JUVA FOR CHANGING MY LIFE!

The staff is very professional and helpful with everything, from the time you check in, seen by a provider and checked out. The medical assistants/nurses are amazing to work with and extremely knowledgable about dermatology, procedures and after-care instructional explanations.

Dr. Katz has been my go-to doc for botox and fillers. He has a very artistic eye and I love the way I look and feel after leaving his office. Staff is friendly and provided excellent care! I also usually pick up a Juva products or two every visit and these have made my skin glow!

Wow!!! My experience with Susan Watson-Neimy, RN, BSN was FANTASTIC. From the scheduling of the appointment to the actual day of the appointment, I REALLY appreciated the care and professionalism. I had so many questions and Susan eased my mind and answered ALL my questions. I had the Restylane facial filler. She used a very strong numbing cream and when she injected me with Restylane on the lips and nasal fold I felt nothing, not a single thing. I was not swollen or bruised. I looked great. I adore my results!!! I received so many compliments. I look forward to my next appointment.

From the start Susan Watson-Neimy, RN, BSN was a caring and concerned listener spending as much time as I required to answer all questions pertaining to my aesthetic needs. I appreciated her conservative approach and the results were readily apparent for this 66 year old that looks younger, more vibrant and less tired thanks to her vast knowledge, artistic eye and expertise. I look forward to ongoing sessions to maintain my refreshed look!

I have been coming to Dr, Katz for years. I respect and rely on Dr. Katz's judgement. He has never let me down in that regard. I developed a very large cyst on my back. There was no question in my mind that I would have Dr. Katz treat me. I received extraordinary care from Dr. Katz and his nurse practitioner Marianne several times a week for packing changes and even just to change my dressing as the wound was in a location that I could not reach myself. Everyone including the nurses took such excellent care of me that it took a lot of the stress out of the situation. I cannot say enough about Dr. Katz and his staff.

Susan Watson Neimy is awesome! She scheduled me very conveniently and saw me within ten minutes, took her time to listen to my concerns, addressed them realistically, and offered genuine direction to personalize my care regimen. Her reputation preceded her well! I am a nurse as well and refer her highly to anyone needing an aesthetician in Manhattan.

I really love the care and consideration I receive when I come to see Susan Watson Neimy at Juva Skin and Laser Center. It is so wonderful that she is now expanding her practice to NYC! I have been a loyal client of hers for over ten years! If you want to be informed, and have an experienced, certified nurse injector take care of you I would seriously recommend her. She is known for her ability to enhance a person's natural beauty and provide advice and suggestions on health and nutrition to keep a youthful appearance. People often mistake her for being ten years younger than she is. NYC is lucky to have this Charleston, SC native RN injector here!

I love working at Juva Skin with Dr. Katz!

DR. Katz always a pleasure to come to the office to have a procedure done. My experience is like the first time when i stepped foot in the doctors office 15 years ago.

I have seen Dr. Katz twice to get my tattoo removed, and my expire acne has been great. The front desk is professional, and Dr. Katz has been patient and upfront with all of my questions.

I felt very looked after. The staff was very friendly and attentive. I am exited to see the end results. The doctor was very professional and kind. Overall (for a scary thing to do) I felt in capable hands.

My experience at the JUVA Center has been very positive. I have long been seeking a dermatologist/surgeon with state-of-the-art knowledge and experience, and those are definitely qualities that Dr Katz and his staff exhibit. I am very impressed with the outcomes from my non-surgical treatments, and have received many flattering comments on the improvement of my appearance from friends and colleagues.

I think Dr.katz has an excellent, knowledgeable, and caring staff especially his nurse Sarhai who usually assists me during procedures.

I've seen Dr. Katz for the last 4 years or so for help with acne scars and while the desired results for certain spots took longer than expected, the investment is worthwhile. If you have scarring from acne, Dr. Katz and staff are wonderfully friendly and smart about how they treat each case. For cases like mine that see routine visits, it can be pricey, but it's more effective than time and money lost on dead-end solutions.

Dear Dr. Katz,

I want to formally tell you that I LOVE what you did to my face on Dec. 8, 2019. You filled it in so that I look healthier, more approachable/less scary because my face got so-o-o thin!

You are a true artist! “They say” not to mess with the vision + true intention of an artist. I do see what you did with my cheekbones. So I’m not sure if I’ll ruin your worth by asking for Voluma or the checkbone filler of your preference.

I am truly grateful for you.

Came to Dr. Katz initially for a routine skin check. He suggested that he may be able to help fix my acne. I was hesitant as a dermatologist in the past had tried without any success at all. Dr. Katz was patient and knowledgeable and I am thrilled that after 4 months of treatment, my acne is cured for the long term, and he was able to do so without any harsh oral medications. I would very much recommend Dr. Katz and his helpful and warm staff.

Hi Marianne,

I just wanted to send you an over-due thank you note for taking such good care of me. The wound on my knee is continuing to heal and I'm hopeful it will be all new skin within the next week. My arm is looking better and better, and the scar is slowly fading thanks to the Celacyn. My overall skin is in much better shape following the contact allergy, with no more redness or irritation anywhere. 

Throughout my multiple visits to the office and our communication via email and phone, I honestly felt like I really had someone on my team to make me feel better. Thank you so much.

Please also extend my appreciation to Katrina as well. She also gave me such wonderful care.

I know you probably don't always hear from patients once they get better, but I want you to know that I feel very lucky for the quality of care I received from you and Juva.

Dear Dr. Katz,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your research project. The kindness you and your staff have extended to me is very much appreciated. 

I’ve been visiting Dr. Katz‘s office for five years and every time I call him or every time I visit, I just feel like I’m talking to family. Every single staff member is caring but most of all I feel like we know each other. The experience feels like you’re working with family and everybody wants the best for each other, it just makes me feel like they care about my well-being pass just being a patient. 



Dear Dr. Katz & The Amazing Staff, 

Thank you so much for all you do! You are amazing! 


“I like to think of Dr. Katz as the ‘Coco Chanel’ of facial aesthetics. To me his name means security. I’ve been a patient for 11 years now and he is always very professional. He is the benchmark for high-quality care” 

Dr. Katz and his staff are amazing!! Very progressive in their scope of services and treatments. I've been to many doctors but with Dr. Katz I have the most confidence.......I feel beautiful again. 

I have had many very positive experiences at Juva Skin and Laser Center. The staff is always very friendly and helpful. Dr Katz has an impressive background in dermatology and cosmetic surgery. He is kind and always uses a bit of humor to put me at ease. His work with a laser has been miraculous for my skin. No more brown spots! And I had the Bodytite procedure last week. The nurse and Dr Katz were so supportive in helping me deal with my fears and questions. The whole procedure was pretty painless and so worth it. Everyday I look forward to more improvement! In comparing prices with other doctors' offices, I feel the amount charged for procedures is very reasonable. I have recommended Juva to other people and they have been extremely happy with their results. I highly recommend them to anyone reading this review!

100% Satisfied! Dr. Katz and his assistant did a great job! 

December 2017

PRO-NOX is amazing! Before PRO-NOX, the laser felt like someone was using tweezers to pull out my skin. After using PRO-NOX the treatment was very tolerable and virtually pain-free. Now the laser doesn’t hurt my skin and I'm not focused on the pain anymore.  

December 2017

Dear Dr. Katz

Thank you so much for your generosity & sharing your talents and practice. It may seem like a tiny dot, but this little, small mark bears so much weight. Removing it means the world to me. Thank you for giving me a fresh start. Happy Holidays to you, your team & your family. I hope 2018 is filled with love and happy surprises. 



August 24, 2017

I did the SculpSure treatment for underarm sweating a week ago and all I can say is that I am very impressed.  Within one week, the sweating reduced tremendously.  I noticed my clothes were not as drenched and I am actually able to lift up my arm without having an embarrassing wet spot.  I have used medicated and over-the-counter antiperspirants and nothing worked.  They were either very irritating or not effective.  I am so pleased with the results after just one week of the treatment and would highly recommend this procedure for anyone with underarm sweating.  It completely changed my life!

August 17, 2017

With the new Z-Wave treatment for cellulite, I noticed an improvement on my thighs during and after the treatment.  It was definitely worth doing and I was very pleased with the results.  

July 5th, 2017

Two weeks after I had InstaLift done on my jowls and neck, I was able to wear a scoop neck sweater without having to worry about age lines or draping. I was very pleased with the results. Thank you very much, Dr. Katz!  

April 2017

ThermiVa is life changing for women.  I would never imagine and could achieve pain free, let alone enjoyable sexual activity again.  Thank you Marianne!! God Bless!!

 April 2017

Thank you! The results are perfect! I certainly appreciate always, your expertise and care. 


February 2017

I have absolutely nothing but great things to say about Marianne Woody. Every time I get Botox done, it looks very natural. She is extremely knowledgeable, skillful, talented and clearly cares about the end result. It's obvious to me, that Marianne Woody genuinely loves what she does. She is brilliant........a true artist! 

September 2016

Dear Dr. Katz,

I just want to thank you and let you know how grateful I am on the exquisite job you have done. I also want to thank your amazing staff for the wonderful treatment and service they meted out to me during my experience there.


Thank you Dr. Katz and your superb team for artfully making me feel prettier than I did in my twenties. Your subtle use of Laser, Botox and fillers has rocked my world ! Your work produces serious results. I am truly grateful!

June 24, 2016
You know when people say 'go to your happy place' guess what I think of? This office! This is my 'happy place'. 

May 4, 2016
Dear Dr. Katz, 
I wanted to send out some praise for the fine work you did on my face and neck recently. Everyone keeps telling me I have a beautiful face! Ever Gratefully Yours,

Dr. Katz, Thank you so much for seeing me yesterday. Last night was the most comfortable my skin has felt in a very long time. Your generosity shall not be forgotten. Apologies for the dramatic tears. It was a releaf to know I would feel better. 
As always my deepst regards,

I would rate JUVA a 5 star! My experience was fine. It was neither intimidating nor embarrassing. The ladies were lovely. Ms. Marianne Woody NP told me what she was doing every step of the way. It was not an unpleasant experience at all.

I was amazed by how my Aphrodite lip treatment turned out.  It looks just like the photo on your website!  Thank you.

I had terrible stretch marks on my outer and inner thighs that wouldn’t get better with any treatment.  Dr Katz made them all go away with his special laser.  I am so pleased!  And his staff was great!
Thank you,

Dear Dr. Katz,
Thank you and much appreciation for your kindness, help and care.
All the best,

I just left the office, and I want to let you know how lovely Marianne is! This is my second visit, the first with Dr Katz, and he too was simply wonderful. The staff is so kind and friendly, and you made this process so easy because of your knowledge and helpfulness. I want you to know how much I appreciate you and the JUVA office. I am forever your client.

Dr. Pauporte addressed my questions and concerns during the exam.

Dr. Katz is very professional and friendly. He makes me feel at ease.

Dr. Pauporte addressed my questions and concerns during the exam.

Dear Dr. Katz, 
Thank you so much for the opportunity to make my neck look better. I can see the difference already. I'm so excited for the results!
Thanks again

She was friendly, calming and very thorough, which i appreciated because i was nervous and wasn’t too familiar with my procedure.

Other Doctors I went and had a procedure done on my arms. Dr. Pauporte and her medical assistant Charline treated me.  I am a seventy seven year old widow and I was very nervous, these two beautiful ladies treated me like I was their mother. In this day and age you don’t find people that are so kind and wonderful. May god bless them.   Thank you for having such wonderful people taking care your patients.  Yours truly,

Dr. Katz has been my doctor for over 20 years. Over that time, any issue that has arisen has been met with complete care, concern and honest discussion of alternatives by Dr. Katz as well appropriate staff members. I’ve since brought my teenage children in to see the staff. The staff members treat them with dignity and respect, speaking with them and not “over them”. Because of the overall experience for them, I continue to drive them into the city from NJ for appointments. Thank you!

Dr. Katz is probably one of the better doctors I've come across in NYC. During my two visits, I barely waited in the waiting room and had only a little bit of a wait in the examination room. During the consultation - and during the laser treatment - Dr. Katz was outgoing, funny, considerate and hospitable in every sense of the word. I felt more than comfortable being in his hands and in his facility. Dr. Katz is a gentleman and fantastic doctor. I have, and will keep, recommending him to friends and family.

Dear Dr. Katz,

Thank you so much for your immediate response to our phone call on Tuesday, September 18. We were very concerned about our daughter-in-laws diagnosis and you calmed our fears. Thank you also for taking the time to consult with Dr. Machler.  Best Regards,Robyn

Everyone who I have referred to (including my daughter) find Dr. Katz to have expert judgement in treatment and beauty enhancing services. Dr. Katz chooses natural and healthy laser corrections. As a photographer, I notice subtle results. So much better than creation of clones. Dr. Katz has recommended treatment to young adults with acne methods or creams which work. JUVA sun screen kept my skin protected under the Egyptian sun.

Dr. Katz has an excellent bedside manner and is always very accurate in diagnosing and treating my problems. The entire office is very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I recommend JUVA to everyone I know!!

Dr. Katz never exaggerates the effectiveness and potential results of various treatments. He presents facts and gives realistic expectations regarding outcomes. I really appreciate this aspect of the practice. He also does not push additional or alternative treatments on me. However, we do discuss options. I have frequented other doctors and this was not the case. The staff - Kristen, Krystal, Charlene, etc. - are professional and friendly. I couldn't ask for nicer people. My only issue with the entire enterprise is the cost! But that is a choice I make.

I absolutely love what I see when I look in the mirror…a whole new woman!

SmartLipo was the best possible option for me. Dr. Katz exceeded my expectations!

The Madonna Lift has made a noticeable difference in my appearance, and I highly recommend it as an alternative to those who are not ready for an eyelift.

I was so pleased with the results of SmartLipo on my abdomen. Dr. Katz and his staff made sure I was so comfortable during the procedure. I was able to walk out of the office after my SmartLipo procedure. I love my new flat abdomen! I would highly recommend Dr. Katz and JUVA.

Dr. Katz is an excellent doctor...very skilled and extremely knowledgeable in the field of dermatology and surgery...I would highly recommend him!!!

I am impressed by the professionalism and friendliness I've encountered at JUVA.

I just wanted to send a note of thanks to you and your colleagues.  I am now 2 days out in recovery from my Wednesday procedure and  I am feeling well. From the consultation through the procedure, you and the team were so knowledgeable and professional. I have to say, I was in suc