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Is it possible to reverse hair loss? Is it possible to grow thicker hair? Your audience deserves answers to these dire questions. Enter the world of NYC’s pioneering dermatologist, Dr. Bruce Katz, at JUVA Skin & Laser Center where a cutting edge treatment called Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is growing in popularity amongst patients. This natural treatment harnesses the healing power of your cells to rejuvenate your skin and hair. Dr.

Learn about the latest celebrity beauty trends and participate in live demos of popular nonsurgical skin care treatments at the JUVA Skin & Laser Center Girls Night Out event on November 19th. Enjoy a champagne toast, along with free cocktails and hors d’oeuvres during the event, and take advantage of free mini-consultations with our laser surgeons and injectable experts. Individuals who attend the Girls Night Out event will also receive 25% off (see below for details). Our Girls Night Out event is one of the many ways we try to show our appreciation for our valued patients.

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You’ve probably heard about Emsculpt, the buzz-worthy body contouring treatment that non-invasively eliminates fat and builds muscle mass. JUVA was one of the original research sites that helped in the development of the Emsculpt technology. Since its release last year, the next-generation device garnered widespread attention for its ability to improve problem areas like the abdomen and buttocks. Now, thanks to ongoing research and a smaller treatment applicator, Emsculpt can be used to achieve impressive results for the biceps, triceps, and calves!

Nova Threads are one of the latest and hottest FDA-approved trends in cosmetic procedures. Made from the same dissolving material as surgical sutures, Nova Threads can be strategically placed beneath your skin to provide a support structure for new collagen growth while reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Dr. Bruce Katz uses Nova Threads to treat lower face skin laxity and facial wrinkles, such as