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It’s common to find that in spite of your diligent exercise and diet efforts, you may still have some areas of fat that simply won’t go away. If you’d like to get rid of this unwanted fat and achieve a more toned, sculpted figure, you have options. At JUVA Skin & Laser Center, we offer a variety of minimally and non-invasive solutions that will help put the finishing touches on your workout efforts.

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Man after PRP at JUVA Skin & LaserMen’s Health Month serves as an annual reminder to take care of yourself. While this observance aims to encourage men to seek early treatment for health concerns, it’s crucial to realize the value of addressing aesthetic concerns too.

You’ve probably heard about Emsculpt, the buzz-worthy body contouring treatment that non-invasively eliminates fat and builds muscle mass. JUVA was one of the original research sites that helped in the development of the Emsculpt technology. Since its release last year, the next-generation device garnered widespread attention for its ability to improve problem areas like the abdomen and buttocks. Now, thanks to ongoing research and a smaller treatment applicator, Emsculpt can be used to achieve impressive results for the biceps, triceps, and calves!