6 Dermatology Secrets You Need to Know

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Dermatology Secrets | Manhattan, NY Dermatologist

While many of us take the time to care for our skin, in actuality, we may be doing more harm than good. It’s important to be well informed of the dos and don’ts in order to ensure a more vibrant and rejuvenated looking palette. Our dermatologist, Dr. Bruce E. Katz, wants you to love how you look and is sharing some secrets with you to ensure you're giving your skin the care it needs.

  1. Don't over-wash your face! -- If you're scrubbing, exfoliating, and cleansing too often, you can strip your skin of its natural oils and actually cause dryness or acne. Twice daily is what we recommend.
  2. It takes time! -- Making changes to your skin care regimen will show results, but you have to give your skin and pores time to adjust - a week to even six weeks in some cases.
  3. Your skin is the window to your internal health. -- Certain diseases, like diabetes and thyroid issues (among many others) may show early signs by causing problems on your skin, so have our dermatologists give you a thorough evaluation on a regular basis.
  4. Holy moly! -- yes, moles can be problematic, but not always, so having them checked when a new one appears or if they change in color, size, or shape is always the best practice. We recommend getting them checked at least once a year!
  5. Night time; wash time! -- going to bed without washing your face leaves sweat, makeup, dirt, oil, and who knows what other stuff on your skin while you sleep. Give your skin a chance to rejuvenate while you sleep by cleansing it first.
  6. Too skinny can look older. -- What? We know that sounds crazy, but if you are very thin, your skin loses its natural plumpness and can actually make you appear older than you are. Of course, we can help with a wide variety of injectables to add back some of that volume.

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