6 Unusual Places for Fillers

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By now, most of us know that injectable fillers can be used to give lips a supple, plump appearance and to soften the look of facial wrinkles. Fillers have really come into the public eye in the last few years thanks to their ability to achieve aesthetic goals without surgery.

So, aside from the most talked about areas to receive fillers, where can they be used? Here are 6 unusual, but effective, places to receive fillers:

1. Buttocks: Sculptra injections can help add volume to the buttocks since the product encourages the growth of your own collagen, helping to improve the contour and fullness of your backside.

Young woman after fillers2. Hollow temples: Sunken or hollow temples can also be improved with the volume-boosting properties of Sculptra. Your temples are one of the many areas on the face that lose volume due to age, and restoring it can give you a more youthful appearance.

3. Nose: Fillers are an effective alternative to rhinoplasty and can be used to perform a non-surgical nose job, helping to smooth out bumps on the bridge, sharpen the tip, and provide other adjustments.

4. Stretched earlobes: Like most other parts of the body, earlobes lose collagen with age, which can leave them looking stretched and saggy. Fillers can help lift and plump this area.

5. Hands: Our hands are one of the first areas to show signs of age, in the form of wrinkles and volume deficits, making tendons and veins very prominent. Radiesse is particularly effective at reversing visible aging in the hands.

6. Areas with crepey skin: Fillers can improve thin, finely wrinkled skin on a variety of areas including your underarms, elbows, and knees.

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