Alternatives to Liposuction

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Using alternative liposuction techniques, JUVA Skin & Laser Center can help you achieve your desired look.

If you’ve been exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy diet, but still can’t seem to lose stubborn fat in your trouble-areas, you may be interested in a body contouring procedure. While liposuction is an extremely effective option to remove this fat, there are alternatives to liposuction that you may be interested in.

At JUVA Skin & Laser Center, we also offer SmartLipo™ for fat removal.

Liposuction utilizes a cannula in order to remove your undesired fat cells from whichever area you desire. SmartLipo™ utilizes a temperature-sensing cannula that aids in fat removal. The cannula helps to emulsify the fat cells, making them easier to remove and also heats the skin in the treated area which helps promote collagen production for smoother skin.

New York dermatologist, Dr. Bruce Katz, was the first surgeon to ever perform SmartLipo™ in the United States and has the experience you can trust for your procedure.

Liposonix is a nonsurgical procedure that is noninvasive and therefore requires no down time. During the procedure, highly-focused ultrasound waves are targeted at fat cells. These waves help to release the fat cells from your tissues and then your body’s natural healing systems remove the fat. This procedure can be done in around an hour and most patients experience the loss of 1-2 inches within 8-12 weeks as you have to wait for your body to naturally remove the fat cells.

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