Asclera® for Spider Vein Treatment

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If you are frustrated by the appearance of unsightly spider or varicose veins on your legs, sclerotherapy can eliminate their appearance, allowing you to show off your legs with confidence again.

Sclerotherapy works by injecting a solution into the spider veins, which causes them to recede. Asclera® is the new effective, FDA-approved solution we use for sclerotherapy. It has been used extensively throughout Europe for over 40 years, and has recently become available in the United States.

Some of the benefits of Asclera® include:

  • Less discomfort than the conventional solution (sodium tetradecyl)
  • Less risk of unwanted side effects (e.g. irritation, hematomas, development of new blood vessels)
  • 20% more effective than sodium tetradecyl
  • More precise

Asclera® can remove spider veins as small as 1–3mm in diameter. You may require more than one injection to achieve the best results. The average sclerotherapy session can last anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the extent of your procedure. After treatment, you can return to work and most normal activities without any necessary downtime. During a personal consultation, we will discuss exactly what you can expect from Asclera® treatment in more detail.

If you have further questions about Asclera® spider vein treatment, please contact JUVA Skin & Laser Center or call (212) 688-5882 today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced New York City dermatologists. We serve patients throughout Manhattan and New York City.