The Benefits of Vectus™ and Skintel™ Technology for Laser Hair Removal

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If you have been considering laser hair removal, JUVA Skin & Laser is proud to offer the latest technology for fast, effective hair reduction: the revolutionary Vectus™ Laser and Skintel™ Melanin Reader. Both devices have been FDA-approved for laser hair removal on the widest possible range of skin and hair types.

Some of the main benefits of the Vectus™ Laser include:

  • Treatment sessions only take a few minutes
  • Ideal for quickly eliminating hair in larger areas, such as the back
  • Highest level of patient comfort
  • No downtime required after treatment

Vectus™ also comes with the lowest rate of complications when compared to other forms of laser hair removal, making it the safest option on the market.

The Skintel™ Melanin Reader is a tool used in conjunction with Vectus™ to accurately measure the melanin (pigment) in your skin. Skintel™ is capable of detecting pigment that may not even be visible yet, providing you with more predictable and precise results than ever before. It is the only FDA-approved melanin reader available today.

If you would like to take advantage of Vectus™ and Skintel™ for long-lasting laser hair removal, please contact JUVA Skin & Laser Center or call (212) 688-5882 today to schedule a personal consultation with one of our experienced New York City dermatologists. We serve patients throughout Manhattan and New York City.