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Make-up is a large part of every woman’s daily routine as it helps accentuate our natural beauty and brings out that extra brillance.  However, most of the make-up in the market can create more break-outs and mask your natural skin and pores creating more damage. Make-up should enhance your beauty and be a great extension of skin care.

That is why our Medical Director, Dr. Bruce E. Katz, only endorses one natural mineral make-up that can be used for a variety of skin types. It’s the Jane Iredale skin care make up. The 2 most important parts of your make-up routine is your foundation and your concealer.

Jane Iredale’s  Mineral Foundations provide 4 important functions in one; foundation, concealer, suncreen and active skin care benefits. These products are non-irritating and won’t block your pores. It’s the best way to get full coverage without masking your face and creating further irritation. They are also light enough for sensitive skin and don’t have you feeling too over-done. 

The 5 great foundations are:

1.       Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder
2.      PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation
3.      Liquid Minerals Foundation
4.      Dream Tint – Tinted Moisturizer
5.       Glow Time Full Converage Mineral BB Cream

Powder foundations have an SPF 20 and are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as effective UV Sunscreens. They also provide full coverage and have skin calming benefits to help your skin after breakouts.

The 2 great concealers for people with sensitive skin and who are prone to acne are:

1.       Disappear Concealer with Green Tea
2.       Zap & Hide Blemish Concealer

Many of our patients love them because the green tea covers dark spots and blemishes while also decreasing inflammation from facial breakouts.  

The Disappear Concealer camouflages lesions such as acne and contains key ingredients that may help to clear blemishes. The state-of-the-art liposome formula contains so much pigment that two layers will cover almost everything including black tattoos. The ingredients include superoxide dismutase, green tea leaf extract and vitamin C. To get your closest skin tone match, they come in 5 different shades:

1.       Light

2.      Medium Light

3.      Medium

4.      Medium Dark

5.      Dark

The Zap & Hide comes in 3 colors: Z1, Z2 and Z3. It contains ingredients such as psoralea corylifolia extract, chamomile and green tea leaf oil that help calm your face. It features 2 sides. One side is called the blemish balm which is a clear stick that contains antiseptic botanicals to help the facial acne. The 2nd side is the blemish concealer that is highly pigmented and layers easily for full coverage. 

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