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Improving Results with Manual Lymphatic Drainage

At JUVA Skin & Laser Center, we want our patients to have the best possible out-come after their procedures. That’s why we have taken an integrative care approach, providing Manual Lymphatic Drainage and scar tissue treatments to support optimal healing results. 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

MLD is a hands-on therapy technique that is a gentle, manual process that utilizes both a pressure and a relaxation phase to stimulate filaments in the lymphatic capillaries to increase the uptake of fluid being absorbed into the lymph system. Our certified MLD therapist utilizes precise, gentle, wave-like touch with the pads of the fingers and palms of the hands. No lotion or oils are used in this treatment. The therapist performs a specific protocol based on your surgical procedure and healing. MLD drains tissues (reducing swelling and bruising), stimulates the immune and parasympathetic nervous system, reducing discomfort.

Why the lymphatic system is important to your healing:

The lymphatic system is important to our body’s ability to transport fluids, filter out waste products of cellular metabolism, regenerate healthy tissue and maintain a sound immune system. This system circulates lymph fluid throughout your body through a web of lymph capillaries, vessels, nodes and glands. It is responsible for providing an immune response, and for facilitating healing.  However, its initial response to trauma or surgery is a reduction in performance. This means the hormones released in response to your surgery, and the proteins in the interstitial fluid remain in your tissues rather than being removed at their normal rate. The result is bruising and swelling.  MLD treatments can make a significant difference in your post surgery appearance, and how rapidly you heal.

Pre-Surgical Benefits:

  • Prepares tissue for surgery, hydrating and nourishing tissues.
  • Detoxifies tissues. Healthy skin heals faster. 
  • Stimulates the immune system.
  • Induces a state of relaxation and in some cases patients may require less anesthesia.

Post-Surgery Benefits:

  • Alleviates post-surgical swelling, reducing discomfort and bruising.
  • Detoxification helps reduce build up of toxins secondary to effects of medication.
  • Stimulates fluid circulation.
  • Stimulates immune system.
  • Improves cell regeneration and wound healing.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage treatment may begin 24-72 hours after your procedure. Frequency of treatment will be determined based on the patient’s healing response. Most patients prefer to have two treatments a week for a few weeks or more. In some cases, the session may also be combined with deep tissue release and scar tissue mobilization where indicated, to break up any tissue fibrosis (lumps, bumps and firm areas), or any uneven appearance in the tissue. We prefer patients begin treatment within a few days following surgery to reduce development of lumps that may form as a result of fluid and tissue trapped in the body. 

The most common response we hear from patients who delayed treatment is, “I wish I had come sooner”.  Patients also say that the areas feel so much better, and are surprised that the MLD didn’t hurt. Typically patients fall asleep during MLD, and report feeling very relaxed afterwards.  

We work with various patients, including: cosmetic surgery, joint replacement, autoimmune disorders, trauma, general surgery, oncology, and those looking for general health/detoxification. Scar tissue treatment benefits surgical scars. It softens the scar, and can improve movement, function, and appearance. 

For an appointment, contact JUVA at 212-688-5882. We include the first one hour MLD session for our cosmetic procedure patients who have SmartLipo, Cellulaze, ThermiTight and Liposuction. MLD treatments are $155 for 1 hour, and $225 for 1.5 hours. Receive 10% off a package of 10 sessions. Most patients require one hour, but if multiple areas are treated, it may require 1.5 hours (i.e. legs, in addition to torso and arms).

-Lori Kwasnicka, Licensed Massage Therapist at JUVA Skin & Laser Center.

Lori Kwasnicka is a NY and NJ state Licensed Massage Therapist, and Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. She has an AOS in Massage Therapy from the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences and completed her Manual Lymphatic Therapy training from the Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy and The Swedish Institute School of Continuing Education. 

Lori has clinical experience in a variety of treatments for patients. She was been licensed since 2003 and has been a team member at JUVA Skin & Laser Center for 12 years. At JUVA, she offers Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Scar Tissue Mobilization, Reiki and Massage Therapy. She also has certified training to provide these treatments for patients affected by cancer.