Breast Augmentation for Tubular Breasts

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Tubular (or “tuberous”) breasts have an unusually narrow base, which constricts the growth of breast tissue while it is developing, resulting in breasts with a more elongated and tubular shape. Women with tubular breasts also often have enlarged areola and/or “puffy” nipples. The small size of tubular breasts, together with their unusual shape, can  make a woman feel self-conscious about her appearance.

The goals of tubular breast correction are not only to add volume, but also to create cleavage and improve breast shape. Using a specialized procedure, our experienced New York City breast augmentation surgeon can effectively correct tubular breasts, returning them to a more normal size and shape with the help of breast implants. During tubular breast correction, our plastic surgeon will release the constricted tissue within your breasts using carefully placed internal incisions, which will allow the base of your breast to expand, providing you with a more natural, balanced and rounder look.

Many women with tuberous breasts have a considerable amount of “ptosis” (droop), which may make it necessary to use certain breast lift techniques during your surgery for the best results.

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