Bruising after SmartLipo

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Bruising is an expected side effect of almost any plastic surgery or cosmetic procedure, other than the most noninvasive ones possible. Bruising is caused by damage to the delicate blood vessels that run into all our tissues, called capillaries. The blood from these capillaries collects under the skin in small amounts, just enough to be visible. Although it is impossible to eliminate bruising after liposuction altogether, SmartLipo reduces it significantly when compared to traditional liposuction.

SmartLipo reduces bruising in two ways. First, the laser energy bursts fat cells, making the fat easier to remove. This reduces damage to other tissues in the area, so bruising, swelling, and even discomfort are reduced.

Second, the laser energy has the capability of sealing some of the blood vessels in the treated area, so that even the blood vessels that are damaged will lose little blood, minimizing bruising.

Reduced bruising is just one of the benefits of SmartLipo, and a major reason why more people are seeking out this treatment, the gold standard in laser-assisted liposuction.

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