Caffeine and Cellulite

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Thousands of women are seeking effective cellulite treatment in New York City. This desire to eliminate or even prevent unsightly cellulite bumps is understandable, and it leads to a wide range of speculation. One popular hero or villain, depending on who you talk to, is caffeine.

Some people say that caffeine will eliminate your cellulite deposits. Others say caffeine will stimulate the growth of more cellulite.

The reality? We just don’t know for sure how caffeine affects cellulite, but we do know that Cellulaze is a proven, effective method for achieving long-term cellulite reduction.

Those in the pro-caffeine camp, which includes the makers of a number of anti-cellulite creams that contain caffeine, argue that caffeine:

  • Enhances metabolism, thus reducing fat
  • Reduces water retention in fat pockets

By contrast, the anti-caffeine camp says caffeine:

  • Reduces skin quality, which makes cellulite more visible
  • Increases stress, which is linked to increased cellulite production

There’s not much evidence one way or the other on these claims. It is true that topical creams will often temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite by improving skin quality and making it easier to hide the bumps and irregularities of cellulite.

For long-term effects, however, you need our proven cellulite treatments. Cellulaze eliminates cellulite under the skin, where it resides, giving you smoother, more attractive skin.

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