Can I Re-Tattoo Over a Removed Tattoo?

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Maybe you had the name of a guy you are no longer in a relationship with tattooed on you or, maybe, it was an adorable dolphin that now you’re a little too mature for. Whatever the reasons are, you may want to have laser tattoo removal. Our New York dermatologist can utilize the advanced laser technology of the PicoSure laser to painlessly and effectively remove your tattoo.

The PicoSure laser will deliver laser light into your tattoo and, because your tattoo is darker in pigmentation than your surrounding tissue cells, the tattoo will absorb more light than your other skin cells. This will cause the cells holding the tattoo ink to be destroyed and your body will naturally absorb and remove the ink. After just a few treatments, depending upon how large or dark your tattoo is, you won’t even know the tattoo ever existed.

Once you’ve had our expert Manhattan dermatologist remove your tattoo, can you get a new one to go in its place? Of course! After your tattoo has been removed, give the area a few months to ensure there isn’t any swelling occurring. Allow your dermatologist to inspect the area and clear you for a new tattoo and you can get some new ink at your leisure.

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See how the PicoSure Laser works by watching this video of Dr. Katz performing laser tattoo removal here: