Cellulaze vs Velashape

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Cellulaze and Velashape are both body contouring procedures that claim to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Velashape uses a proprietary elōs technology that combines radiofrequency radiation and infrared light, which are applied to the surface of the skin, along with mechanical massage.

Cellulaze uses laser energy that is applied directly to the cellulite-causing structures via a thin probe that is inserted into the skin and moved to mobilize fat, loosen connective tissue, and stimulate skin growth.

The advantages of Velashape are that it is completely noninvasive and results in little discomfort. However, it does require multiple treatments (a minimum of 4) to give results, and it has not been clinically proven to reduce cellulite. Clinical effectiveness results for VelaShape focused on circumferential reduction of thighs.

Cellulaze, on the other hand, requires only one treatment to give significant reduction of cellulite. This is clinically proven and shown to last for at least 2 years for many patients. Its only disadvantage is that it does require a small amount of downtime (1-2 days).

The difference between the two procedures is clear if you look at patient reviews. Only 38% of patients report that VelaShape is “worth it,” compared to an 85% “worth it” rating for Cellulaze.

When it comes to cellulite treatments, you can choose the one that requires multiple treatment sessions and hasn’t been proven to work, or you can choose the one that has been clinically shown to give results after just one session.

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