Cellulite and Compression Garments

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It seems like an ideal cellulite treatment: just an undergarment that you wear that then gets rid of cellulite through the natural action of your body. But do they work?

Yes and no. Obviously, while you are wearing the compression shorts, your cellulite will be concealed, and if you wear them regularly, you might see a difference. However, the difference is likely short-lived. Doctors that say their patients have seen results with these treatments say the results last between hours and days.

Even with this limited duration treatment, the garments have thousands of adoring fans. After all, cellulite is a problem that affects almost all women, and effective remedies--even for a few hours--are hard to come by.

Now, though, patients have access to a cellulite treatment whose results are measured not in hours or days or weeks, but months and maybe even years. Cellulaze has been clinically proven to give cellulite reduction or even elimination lasting at least 2 years, and anecdotal reports of relief go much longer. The truth is, we don't really know how long Cellulaze's results last.

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