Cellulite Obesity

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A common misconception is that cellulite is caused by obesity. It is common for people to think that if they have cellulite it is primarily because they are fat. However, although obesity can be linked to cellulite, the problem is not the amount of fat but its structure.

Cellulite is caused by pockets in the fat under the skin. This special fat, called subcutaneous fat, is unusual in the animal kingdom, and it contributes to the softness and shapeliness of the human form. In women, this fat layer is supported by strands of connective tissue that binds the skin to muscle, like the stitching in a quilt, and like the stitching in a quilt, it can create a pillowy appearance.

Although you often see this pillowy appearance in people with a significant amount of fat, it can be caused by a remarkably small amount of fat. As a result, over 80% of women suffer the plight of cellulite, many of whom are at a healthy weight and may have otherwise fit, toned bodies. 

Dieting, exercise, and weight loss are all good, healthy goals for people who are overweight, but if you are counting on it to reduce cellulite, you may be disappointed with the results. If you have achieved your ideal weight and are still unhappy with the appearance of cellulite, there are cellulite treatment options that can supplement your personal efforts.

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