Cellulite Treatment Options

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Cellulite is such a common problem that everyone has long been looking for an effective cellulite treatment. As a result, there are many treatment options for cellulite.

Many people espouse diet and exercise as a good treatment option for cellulite. Improving diet and increasing exercise will generally result in a reduction of the appearance of cellulite, and for some people this may achieve the desired result.

Another traditional option for cellulite treatment is massages and wraps. These treatments compress the fat pockets that pillow up causing the quilt-like texture. There are many different types of these treatments, ranging from wraps with aromatherapy and natural remedies included in them to mechanical massages that put pressure on fat pockets with mechanical speed and force. Many of these give (very) temporary reduction of cellulite, but must be repeated regularly to maintain results.

Surface energy treatments ranging from radio waves to laser energy to ultrasound are used to stimulate restructuring of the fat pockets and stimulate increased skin thickness to conceal the fat pockets. Some of these give decent results, but they require many treatments to get them and the results are not extensive or long-lasting.

Cellulaze is the most recent cellulite treatment option. A laser treatment that goes under your skin to break up fat cells, remove fat under the skin, and stimulate increased skin thickness, Cellulaze is the best treatment yet for significant, long-lasting reduction or elimination of cellulite.

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