Combine SmartLipo® with Cellulaze for the Best Look!

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If you are struggling with losing excess fat from nearly any part of your body, our Manhattan dermatologist can help. In addition to helping you be free of excess pockets of fat, Dr. Bruce Katz can offer you treatments that will help you be rid of cellulite.

In order to help you be rid of excess fat, Dr. Katz offers treatments with SmartLipo®. Dr. Katz was the first doctor to perform SmartLipo® in the United States and is the primary trainer of the procedure, so you know you can trust his ability and artistic eye. SmartLipo® is an FDA-approved liposuction alternative that utilizes a temperature-sensing laser fiber. The laser fiber is used to melt fat cells. With this heated action, SmartLipo® is much more effective and tightens skin as well. It also allows Dr. Katz to determine the depth at which he will use the laser fiber, giving you better results and a better look.

While you may lose fat, naturally or with SmartLipo®, you may still have cellulite in those areas. Cellulite is essentially something you're genetically programmed to have and cannot be rid of without laser cellulite treatments. This is why our dermatologist likes to combine SmartLipo® with Cellulaze®.

Cellulaze® is an FDA-approved treatment that works from under the skin to help relieve the appearance of cellulite. Through a small incision, Dr. Katz will send laser energy in the connective tissue between fat cells, which causes the orange peel appearance of cellulite. This laser energy smoothes out the fat cells, and cuts the connective tissues so they release the fat cells. This release helps the fat cells to sit more evenly, giving you a smooth and taut look without the patterns of cellulite. Additionally, Cellulaze® encourages your body to create collagen and elastin, which are the building blocks for healthy and firm looking skin.

When you're done with your combination of SmartLipo® and Cellulaze®, you will not only be thinner, but you will have smooth, tight-looking skin that you will love to show off in your bathing suit!

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