Combining Chin Implants With Rhinoplasty

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If you have an overly large nose – or if your nose simply protrudes too far from your face, throwing off the balance of the rest of your facial features – you may be considering rhinoplasty to correct your problem. However, it’s important to realize that the position of your chin can also have a significant impact on the appearance of your nose. A receding or undersized chin can make your nose look larger than it actually is.

An ideally positioned chin will make your nose seem smaller, balancing the features of your face more proportionately, thus improving the overall appearance. For this reason, we sometimes recommend chin implants in combination with rhinoplasty to help our patients achieve the best possible results. During your personal consultation, our experienced New York City Board Certified surgeon will evaluate the position of your chin to determine how chin augmentation could potentially improve your facial appearance.

Chin implants can have a dramatic effect on your facial profile, providing improved definition for a “stronger” jawline that lengthens the face. Chin augmentation and rhinoplasty naturally go together, and complement each other’s results to great effect. After discussing your cosmetic goals with you, our plastic surgeon will help you decide on the right treatment approach for your unique needs.

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