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Cellulite is a common condition, with as many as 90% of women suffering the unattractive "orange peel" appearance in some area of their bodies, most often in the thighs and buttocks. Many of these women are slender or of a healthy weight, toned, and proportionate. Because cellulite depends on the structure of your fat and not the amount, you may not be able to eliminate it simply by controlling your diet and increasing exercise.

This is not to say that diet and exercise do not have an impact on cellulite. In particular, yo-yo dieting can have significant impact on cellulite. Cellulite can worsen due to weight gain, as additional fat is deposited in fat cells under the skin that is forced to stretch in response. It may equalize to reduce the appearance long term, or it may not. Dramatically losing weight can temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite as the fat cells under the skin are emptied, but over time your skin will likely contract and your body will fill the fat cells again. If you regain the weight lost, cellulite will return, and may be worse than before.

Long-term cellulite reduction can be achieved with the following tips:

  • Maintain a healthy, stable weight with an appropriate body fat proportion
  • Tone muscles in the affected area
  • Don't neglect your skin--thin skin is as much to blame as fat in cellulite

Following these tips will likely result in a natural reduction in your cellulite. However, it is unlikely to completely eliminate the problem. If you are still concerned with the appearance of cellulite, you might consider long-lasting cellulite treatment with Cellulaze, that will reduce it further or eliminate it entirely.

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