Differences Between Fillers Versus Toxins

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The cat is out the box for the once heavily guarded beauty secrets of the rich and famous. Cosmetic treatments that used to be reserved for the elite are progressively more common for everyday consumers, and your readers are likely curious about these treatments but may not know where to start. You're probably asking yousrself “What do these two things do?” and “How do I know which one is right for my face?” Today let’s demystify the differences between dermal fillers versus injectable toxins such as Botox!




Toxins such as Botox primary objective are to treat and prevent facial wrinkles, although they can also be used to treat migraines, muscle dystonias, blepharospasms, strabismus and excessive sweatingThese injectables work by temporarily blocking the nerve activity that causes your muscles to contract and wrinkle your skin, leaving you with a smoother, younger look. They are commonly used as a cosmetic treatment to soften and eliminate frown lines above the eyebrows and wrinkles around the eyes. Toxins are great for those who want to prevent any future and/or current signs of aging from occurring on their faces.


Facial fillers, also known as dermal fillers, are used to prevent or eliminate signs of aging in the face. However, fillers address challenged areas in the face that suffer from facial volume lossFiller injections are an excellent way to plump up hollow, sunken cheeks, or volumize your lips and soften smile lines to restore your more youthful appearance. It’s particularly effective for individuals with hollow-looking eyes and deep tear troughs that make one look more tired and much older than they feel. Fillers are great for both men and women.

Dermal fillers can be used for the following:

•Sunken cheeks

•To add volume and a plump, healthy look to facial areas with loose skin  

•Lip augmentation

•Nasolabial folds (lines that are around the mouth)

•Sunken areas under the eyes (tear troughs)

•Create a more masculine jaw line


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