Do I Need a Breast Lift?

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As your age, your breasts tend to lose volume and become more prone to sagging – especially after pregnancy or significant weight loss. A breast lift can correct this problem by raising your breasts back up to a better position on your chest, resulting in a more balanced, youthful look. In general, if your nipples are at the same level of your breast fold or below it, you would most likely benefit from a breast lift.

There are four main degrees of breast sagging that we will consider when determining your needs:

  • Grade I (mild ptosis) – The nipples are at the same level as your breast fold.
  • Grade II (moderate ptosis) – The nipples are below your breast fold, but higher than the majority of your breast mound.
  • Grade III (advanced ptosis) – The nipples are below your breast fold and at the level of maximum projection.
  • Grade IV (severe ptosis) – The nipples have dropped far below the breast fold, and now point at the floor.

During a breast lift, any stretched, excess breast skin will be removed in order to reshape and reposition your breast mound. The position of the areolas is also elevated, and your existing breast tissue is re-shaped for a firmer, younger look. If you want to improve the size of your breasts in addition to their shape and position, you may want to consider combining your breast lift with breast implants for the best possible results.

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