Everything You Need to Know About Vitiligo and the Xtrac Laser

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In the past, vitiligo was untreatable, but that is not the case anymore. Check out our most commonly asked XTRAC laser therapy related questions and answers below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is vitiligo?


Vitiligo is a disorder in which the immune system attacks and destroys the melanocytes (pigment producing cells) found in the skin. This causes these cells to die and terminate production of melanin (the pigment that gives your skin, eyes and hair color). 


Is vitiligo genetic or brought on by environmental factors?


Vitiligo is purely genetic, although it does not necessarily follow subsequent offspring. Less than half of those with vitiligo are aware of any individuals in their family who also have it.


Does vitiligo gradually get whiter?


Vitiligo frequently starts as a small pale patch of skin which progressively transforms to white. The lack of melanin caused by vitiligo can turn hair in the affected area white or grey as well.


How quickly does Vitiligo appear?


Vitiligo can start at any age. It often begins in one’s twenties. The white patches typically start on the face, hands, knees, genitalia, neck, armpits and elbows, and can spread over the entire body.


What is XTRAC laser therapy for vitiligo?


XTRAC is a highly advanced laser that utilizes precision focused laser light beams to target areas of skin that are affected vitiligo.


How is a XTRAC session and when will I see results?


There is virtually no pain involved with XTRAC laser therapy. Treatments are done within 10-20 minutes with long lasting visible results in 10 sessions or less. Some patients may  see noticeable improvements after just one session!