The Fractional Eyelift

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Are you concerned about dark rings under the eyes, wrinkled and loose skin of the upper and lower eyelids? Are your eyebrows beginning to droop and make you look sad all the time? Well, the new Fractional Eyelift has arrived! Using the latest fractional laser resurfacing technology, Dr. Bruce Katz has pioneered this new procedure which is safe and effective with minimal downtime. It takes away dark rings and wrinkles, tightens upper and lower eyelid skin and helps to elevate drooping eyebrows. It has a good number of the benefits of a surgical eyelift without the risks and downtime. The only problem it doesn’t address is bulging fat pads. As metal eye shields are used during the procedure, there is no risk of injury to the eyes. Only a numbing cream is applied to the eyelids for anesthesia and three to five sessions are recommended at 2-3 week intervals. 

With fractional laser resurfacing, the laser beam is broken into microscopic columns of laser light. When the beams strike, they leave normal surrounding skin areas intact so the outcome is very quick healing. These columns of laser light take away (or ablate) old, damaged collagen and elastic fibers so that new fresh tissue can grow into these channels. As this occurs, wrinkles and pigmentation are removed, skin tightens and the eyelids are rejuvenated. A recent study in over 300 patients showed consistent and very impressive results. 

If you are interested in the Fractional Eyelift, please call for an appointment with Dr.Katz.