Fraxel Laser Treatment Results

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The Manhattan skin care doctors at JUVA Skin & Laser Center are proud to use state-of-the-art fractional laser systems for noninvasive skin rejuvenation treatments that provide beautiful results with minimal downtime and discomfort.

There are different types of fractional laser systems that have received approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for varying uses. Fractional lasers are generally used in procedures including:

At JUVA Skin & Laser, we use the fractional CO2 and erbuim in the context of these broader treatments to address specific conditions.

For example, the fractional erbium is utilized to treat pigmented lesions, fine lines around the eyes, and the skin discoloration known as melasma. The erbium laser results in improved skin texture, tone and pigmentation, as well as the reduction of fine lines.

The fractional CO2 is often used in skin tightening treatments to help decrease wrinkles and pigmented lesions, and to encourage your body’s natural collagen production to help you maintain your results.

Most patients require multiple laser treatments spaced at two or three week intervals in order to achieve optimal results. Your board-certified skin care doctor will discuss your individual recommendations with you during your consultation.

If you would like to learn if Manhattan area laser skin treatment is right for you, please contact JUVA Skin & Laser Center or call 212-688-5882 to schedule your personal consultation.