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Get Rid of Unsightly Scars With Laser Treatments | ManhattanScars from old injuries, surgeries or prolonged acne can have a severe impact on your body image and make you self-conscious. Scar tissue is your body’s way of quickly fixing a wound. Over time, your body tries to replace scar tissue with skin that matches the surrounding pigmentation and texture, but this healing ability decreases with age, as you produce less collagen and elastin. These natural substances are essential for youthful, clear skin and can be promoted with laser scar treatments.

Our award-winning dermatologist in Manhattan specializes in skin care and offers an array of laser options and medical services to remove your scars. There are several variations of scars and the right procedure for you depends on their severity, your genetics, age and health.

Our laser scar treatments target both the inner and outer skin tissues and can treat these scar types:

·      Keloid scars – raised, dark scars with rough textures that grow beyond the frame of the wound.

·      Hypertrophic scars – similar to keloid scars, but less severe. They are usually the result of cuts, burns, pimples or piercings.

·      Atrophic scars – sunken scars, which are often caused by acne.

How Does Laser Scar Removal Work?

Our lasers promote the production of collagen and elastin by stimulating the deeper layers of your skin while treating outer layers of scar tissue with varying levels of laser energy. This process reduces your skin damage and leads to a plump, enviable complexion. There are other ways to reduce the appearance of scars such as laser skin resurfacing or injectable fillers. These options can work well in conjunction with your laser treatment.

The right scar treatment for you depends on your skin and specific scarring. Our skin care expert in Manhattan can develop a treatment plan for you during your skin analysis. It’s important to choose a dermatologist who has extensive knowledge and experience with laser scar treatments to ensure your scars are improved instead of worsened.

If you’re tired of embarrassing scars, please call JUVA Skin & Laser Center in Manhattan today at (866) 451-7841 to schedule your consultation. Our medical center serves patients in Manhattan and worldwide.