How Cellulaze Works

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To understand Cellulaze, you have to understand what produces cellulite. Cellulite is caused by fat pockets just below the skin. These pockets are divided by tough strands of connective tissue. This connective tissue firms and contracts with age, pulling down on the skin and causing the fat in the pockets to pillow upward, like a quilt. It doesn't matter how much or how little fat is in these pockets, the contracting tissue will eventually create the pillow effect. Exercise also cannot target this connective tissue, and toning the muscle in the area may even worsen the effect by putting increased pressure on the skin and fat pockets.

Cellulaze, though, targets the structure of cellulite to remove it. First, Cellulaze is used to target the fat specifically in the fat pockets, allowing the body to remove it.

Next, Cellulaze removes many of the connective tissues that create the pillowing effect. This reduces the number of dimples in the affected area, dramatically smoothing the treated area.

Finally, Cellulaze stimulates the skin to grow thicker. This thicker skin is better at concealing the small number of dimples that remain, completing the dramatic erasure of cellulite in the treatment area.

Cellulaze is a truly remarkable innovation in body contouring, the first FDA-cleared treatment that targets the very structure of cellulite.

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