How Do I Get Rid of My Embarrassing Upper Lip Mustache? Laser Hair Removal Is The Answer

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Are you suffering from an embarrassing mustache that you constantly have to wax or cover with makeup? Check out our most commonly asked laser hair removal related questions and answers below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will shaving my mustache cause it to grow back thicker?


Despite widespread belief, shaving hair particularly a mustache does not make it grow back broader. The mustache only seemingly appears thicker only because the act of shaving gives the hair follicle a blunt tip. It is this blunt tip that makes regrowth appear darker and coarser. These blunt tips are unappealing and may even cause ingrown hairs.


Why am I growing a mustache?


A common form of female facial hair is the pesky mustache, which appears above the upper lip. There are many reasons why women begin growing this unwanted hair. Some of these reasons include age, disrupted hormones and overall genetics.


How does laser hair removal work?


Laser hair removal works by impairing and destroying the root of your hair follicles. Flashes of intense light are disbursed over the skin and absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle. The energy beams from the laser heats up the follicle, damaging the root of the hair follicle, resulting in stunted hair cell regrowth. It requires 4-5 sessions for permanent hair reduction.


Is laser hair removal painful?


It is not painful as we use very effective topical anesthesia. Laser hair removal is faster than waxing and certainly doesn’t hurt as much.


Is laser hair removal safe?


With the new lasers that we have, it is safe and effective for all skin types. The lasers used only target pigment within the hair, leaving the skin unscathed.