How to Rejuvenate Your Hands

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Manhattan Dermatologist Rejuvenates HandsAs we age, our body naturally loses fat from certain areas like our face and hands. While having less fat may seem attractive, it can actually make your face or hands look aged and sunken. The good news is that our dermatologist, Dr. Bruce Katz, offers treatments that can restore your hands to their original, youthful appearance.

Treatments with a dermal filler known as Radiesse® can help your hands look as young as you feel. Radiesse® is an injectable gel that contains calcium hydroxylapatite. Because it contains natural ingredients, Radiesse® rarely causes any type of allergic reaction. Radiesse® can be injected into sunken or hollow-appearing areas of your hands to naturally restore the plump appearance you desire. Additionally, the injectable will cause your body to naturally create more collagen which helps your tissues to appear plump, youthful, and healthy.

In addition to making your hands look amazingly young, Radiesse® offers the following benefits:

  • Contains an anesthetic so injections are painless
  • Results are immediate
  • Results will last between 1 and 2 years
  • Minimal, if any side effects that will wear off within a day or two

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