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Manhattan Dermal Fillers | Liquid Face LiftIf you’re tired of seeing wrinkles, smile lines, and sunken areas of your face staring back at you, it may be time to seek the help of an experienced dermatologist. At JUVA Skin & Laser Center, Dr. Bruce Katz, can help you seek the best-possible treatments so you look younger, radiant, and refined.

The term liquid facelift is somewhat new, but encompasses any treatments where a dermal filler is used to essentially plump the face, giving it a lifted, younger appearance. These dermal fillers can be injected in your wrinkles or smile lines, but also in hollows and troughs that can appear sunken on your face. Many dermal fillers exist, but two very successful options are the Restylane Lift and the Bellafill® Lift.

The Restylane Lift

Restylane is FDA-approved to add volume to your cheeks and also to fill in wrinkles that run along your nasolabial folds (lines between your nose and your mouth). Restylane improves your cheeks’ fullness and helps to alleviate wrinkles, leaving you with a firm, plump, and youthful look.

The Bellafill® Lift

Bellafill® can be injected into smaller wrinkles, like your smile lines, in order to restore volume and eliminate the appearance of wrinkles. It naturally fills the injected areas and also adds collagen which helps your cells to look and feel more natural.

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