Is a Non-Surgical Eye Lift Possible? Introducing The Madonna Lift

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Have wrinkles around your eyes impacted your confidence level? Check out our most commonly asked eye lift related questions and answers below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes the appearance of aged eyes?


In some cases, aged eyelids and associated wrinkles are caused by more serious conditions, such as a stroke, sleep deprivation, brain tumor, or damaged nerves and facial muscles. However in most cases the appearance of aged eyelids are simply due to the naturally eroding effects of aging. There’s a surgical procedure used to correct droopy eyelids called a Blepharoplasty but why volunteer for such a procedure when there are non-surgical treatments such as the Madonna Lift that can target droopy eyelids, dark circles and wrinkles at the same time?


What is a Madonna lift?


The Madonna Lift, also called a "fractional eye lift", uses a fractional laser beam to remove wrinkles and pigmentation around the eyes. The procedure leaves patients with tightened eyelid skin, reduced dark circles, lifted eyebrows, and eliminated eyelid wrinkles!


Is the Madonna Lift painful?


A Madonna Lift Is virtually painless and healing is relatively quick. A topical anesthetic is applied to reduce any possibility of pain.


When will I see results?


Typically most people need between 3-5 sessions (spaced apart at 2-3 week intervals) to achieve optimal results.


Is the Madonna Lift safe?


The fractional laser works well on all variations of skin complexions in most cases. To be extra precautious, we’ll perform a test spot on the eyelid area to ensure there is no adverse reaction.