Nix the Razor: Hair Removal Just Got Easier…and Less Painful

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New Alma Soprano Xli Laser Boasts Virtually Pain-Free Results

November 4, 2010 (New York, NY) – For many people plagued with unwanted hair the term "pain is beauty" is associated pulling, plucking and painfully removing excess hair from what became the not-so-flattering parts of the body. Finally there is a device designed to take a gentle and expedited approach to this nettlesome routine to look our best – introducing the new Soprano Xli from Alma Lasers.

The JUVA Skin & Laser Center is the go-to haven in Manhattan for those seeking refuge from the relentless upkeep of their cellulite prone bodies, time-induced signs of aging and, yes, relenting body and facial hair growth. Dr. Bruce Katz, founder of the JUVA Skin & Laser Center, as been at the forefront of the latest hair removal technology, constantly trying to find quick, pain-free solutions for his patients. The Soprano XLi is the latest innovation in virtually painless laser hair removal that combines In-Motion technology with intense power and an intelligent, intuitive, interface that delivers fast, virtually painless treatments with safe, consistent, and reliable clinical results.

This device sets itself apart from other laser and light based systems by allowing practitioners to deliver virtually painless treatments to their patients year round with the versatility of treating all skin types, including tanned skin and all pigmented hair.

"The device offers our patients a unique approach to laser hair removal. By alleviating the anxiety and concern associated with what used to be a painful treatment, patients are more relaxed and willing to explore the option of laser hair removal on large and small areas of their face and body," said Dr. Bruce Katz. "With the many advances in laser technology today, no one should feel the burden of having to maintain the removal of unwanted hair."