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Laser Treatment for Sun-Damaged Skin | Manhattan, New York Excessive exposure to the sun can have a severe adverse affect on your skin. You may show early signs of aging, have fine wrinkles and dark sunspots. Additionally, your skin could develop a rough texture and have a stretched appearance. Our dermatology office in Manhattan can help reverse the sun damage done to your skin through a series of laser treatments to give you smooth, evenly toned skin.

How Do Laser Treatments for Sun Damage Work?

Our expert dermatologist, Dr. Katz, has been an instrumental part of advancing laser technologies. There are lasers available to treat many skin conditions, and we offer more than 50 lasers, which allows us to customize your treatment plan. These lasers correct your skin by targeting deep sunspots and removing dead skin cells.

When you’re exposed to the sun, your skin produces melanin in response to the ultraviolet radiation. This is your body’s way of protecting you from sunburns. Overtime, repeated exposure can cause your body to unevenly distribute melanin on your hands and face, leaving you with skin irregularities.

Our laser skin resurfacing treatment shines a laser on these areas of your skin. Dark spots soak up more energy than lighter areas, which allows the laser to remove the most damaged skin first, destroying the cells and removing them while the light skin surrounding them is left intact.

The lasers we use to treat sun damage include:

  • Fractional Radio Frequency. This laser treatment forms several microscopic reservoirs that reach the deep layers of skin tissue. This process promotes your natural healing response to rejuvenate, smooth and tighten your skin.
  • Fractional CO2. The Fractional CO2 laser hones in on scarred skin tissue from sun damage. This laser stimulates the production of collagen using a grid-like pattern to improve skin texture without damaging the adjacent healthy skin.
  • Revlite Laser. This is a red-light laser that focuses on the melanin in your skin. It can significantly improve sunspots and a blotchy appearance. The Revlite laser is also used to remove tattoos, specifically those with green, blue or black coloring.

It’s also important to see our dermatologist to look for signs of skin cancer and other skin conditions that can arise from sun exposure.

If you have sun-damaged skin, please call our office in Manhattan to talk about your laser treatment options at (866) 451-7841 to schedule your consultation. JUVA Skin & Laser Center offers dermatology, cosmetic and plastic surgery services to clients in Manhattan, NYC and nationwide.