Lipo and Cellulite

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There are a lot of misunderstandings about the relationship between liposuction and cellulite. Some people claim that liposuction is a cellulite treatment. Other people claim that liposuction causes cellulite. As with most things people claim or cure cellulite, this connection is a cellulite myth.

Liposuction is not a cellulite treatment. Cellulite is a structural property of the subcutaneous fat, right under the skin. This layer of fat is not treated by liposuction, which targets deeper fat deposits, so in general liposuction does not treat cellulite. The only exceptions are SmartLipo and other liposuction variants that apply heat to the skin, which can result in structural changes in the skin, including thickening, and fat redistribution, which can reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Liposuction most definitely does not cause cellulite, but it can sometimes increase its appearance. As with natural weight loss, losing fat in a particular area doesn’t reduce the cellulite, and it may cause cellulite to increase in appearance, especially on the thighs.

Liposuction is neither a cure nor cause for cellulite, but Cellulaze is a clinically-proven cellulite treatment. To learn more about Cellulaze and other cellulite treatment options, please contact JUVA Skin & Laser Center in NYC.