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FemiLift for Vaginal Tightening, Manhattan, NY DermatologistIt is no secret that women may suffer the effects of age, even in the most private of areas. As time goes on, pregnancies happen, and muscles loosen, which may cause women to experience vaginal looseness. The great news is that, unlike just a few years ago, there is a new way to remedy this issue without simply doing exercises and hoping they work.

With the revolutionary new FemiLift™ treatment, our Manhattan dermatologist can restore your vaginal walls to the tightness and youthful feel that you long for.

What is the FemiLift™?

The FemiLift™ is an FDA-approved laser within a probe that looks and feels much like any other gynecological examination tool. The probe is inserted into the vagina by our highly-skilled nurse practitioner and then laser energy is aimed into the vaginal walls in a 360-degree fashion so each portion gets treated. The treatments are not painful and most describe the feeling as warm, but not hot by any means.

The laser energy will encourage collagen production within your tissues which will tighten and strengthen your vaginal wall. The procedure only lasts between 15-20 minutes and, after three total treatments, you and your sexual partner will notice the youthful and rejuvenating change. FemiLift helps improve vaginal lubrication and reduces stress leakage leading to more confidence in many aspects of life.  

Vaginal Rejuvenation From our Manhattan Dermatologist

If you're interested in vaginal tightening, then you need to call JUVA Skin & Laser Center today. Our dermatologist, Dr. Bruce Katz, has had decades of experience in helping patients achieve their aesthetic goals. He has been involved with multiple types of drugs and treatments from the testing phase until they are approved by the FDA. His wonderful bedside manner and attention to detail means that you can place such a delicate procedure in his hands with the utmost confidence. Contact us today by calling (212) 688-5882.