Precision TX™: Permanent Treatment for Excessive Sweating

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If you are part of the 3% of the population that suffers from hyperhidrosis – a condition that causes excessive sweating and perspiration – Precision TX™ may be the permanent solution you’ve been looking for. Most hyperhidrosis treatments are temporary, doing little to ease the problem on a long-term basis. With Precision TX™, you can enjoy effective, long-lasting relief from hyperhidrosis after one treatment.

Precision TX™ works by using targeted laser energy to ablate the sweat glands in your underarm area. The laser used in the Precision TX™ device is the Sidelaze800™ bi-directional laser – the same powerful, precise technology used in Cellulaze™. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and involves no downtime, no side effects, and minimal discomfort.

Our experienced New York dermatologist Dr. Bruce Katz is currently leading an approved study on Precision TX™ for the treatment of excessive sweating. Previously a pioneer in the use of SmartLipo™ and Cellulaze™, Dr. Katz is proud to offer this revolutionary treatment for hyperhidrosis to patients throughout the New York area.

If you suffer from excessive sweating, you may be an excellent candidate for Precision TX™ treatment. Please contact JUVA Skin & Laser Center or call (212) 688-5882 today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Katz. We serve patients throughout Manhattan and New York City.