See Your Treatment Results in 3D!

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At JUVA Skin & Laser Center, we have always offered thorough consultations to patients who are curious about our services. But 3D LifeViz by QuantifiCare has elevated this process, allowing us to provide some exciting new benefits! We were also the first in NY to have this cutting edge technology. 

Visualize Your Potential Treatment Results

Woman after cosmetic procedure3D LifeViz consists of a hand-held camera and innovative software that can quickly capture a realistic three-dimensional view of your face & body. Using this 360° view, we can actually show you the results that you might be able to expect from a treatment.

It can be difficult for patients to express their desired outcome, but it becomes much easier when we incorporate this technology into the consultation. Our experienced physicians can simulate the potential result of a variety of treatments to help find the one best suited to your goals. It has never been easier to picture the new you!

Enjoy Clear Communication During Your Consultation

When you can visualize your treatment results with our physicians, it helps everyone have the same expectations. By the time you leave your consultation, there will be a shared understanding of the results that you expect from your treatment.

Accurately Compare Your Before and After Face & Body

In addition to illustrating treatment outcomes, the 3D LifeViz technology can also provide comprehensive, 3D before and after images. You will be able to clearly see the results of your treatment when it’s complete. The 360° photos allow you to look at your transformation from every angle.

These objective results are useful when planning any additional procedures, or when celebrating your progress!

Schedule your consultation today at (212) 688-5882  to experience the game-changing 3D LifeViz technology. We welcome patients from Manhattan, Woodside, NYC, and around the world.