SmartLipo vs Tummy Tuck

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SmartLipo and tummy tuck are both surgical procedures intended to improve a person’s figure. Both are good options for the right candidates, but choosing which one is right for you depends on understanding the procedures and your anatomy.

A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that is used to target many different causes of a slack and hanging gut. A tummy tuck seeks to remove fat, excess skin, and tighten slack abdominal muscles. It is a good procedure for women who have had multiple pregnancies and men who have carried a significant amount of weight in their gut or carried at least some excess weight there for a long time.

SmartLipo is a variation on liposuction that uses laser energy in addition to suction to make removal of fat more efficient, with less discomfort, bleeding, and shorter recovery time. It also has the ability to stimulate your skin’s healing response with a precise dose of thermal energy. This causes your skin to produce additional collagen and elastin, which helps it to contract in the treated area. It can help people who have significant excess skin in the gut to get good results from liposuction.

There are two keys to deciding which procedure is right for you. First, the amount and type of skin in your abdomen. If you have a small amount of excess skin with fair skin tone, SmartLipo can help. More skin or really poor skin tone likely means you will need a tummy tuck to get the results you want.

The second key is whether your abdominal muscles have detached from one another. If this is the case, you will generally need a tummy tuck to get a smooth abdominal contour.

The best way to learn which is the right procedure for you is to get a personal evaluation from a physician. In NYC, please contact JUVA Skin & Laser Center today for a consultation and personalized recommendations.