SmartLipo™ vs. Zerona®

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Both SmartLipo and Zerona utilize laser technology. That is where the similarities end. Zerona uses a laser to emulsify fat. Once emulsified, this fat moves into interstitial space where it can be processed by your body. Zerona requires no incisions, making it completely noninvasive. It is intended to remove a few inches from the body, although precision and results are difficult to guarantee.

SmartLipo is laser assisted liposuction. The New York City SmartLipo doctors at JUVA Skin & Laser Center can use this procedure to target specific areas of the body and produce consistent results.

SmartLipo requires only a very small incision through which a laser is used to liquefy fat cells. The use of a laser not only facilitates the removal of fat cells, it helps reduce damage to surrounding tissue and may reduce risks including infection and bleeding. Once the fat has been treated, one of our SmartLipo doctors will remove it with a small cannula before suturing the treated area.

SmartLipo results are much easier to control than those offered by Zerona. However, SmartLipo is a surgical procedure that will require a small recovery period. The best options for sculpting your body can be determined by one of our liposuction doctors during your initial consultation.

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