Smart Lipo Q&A with JUVA staff member V by Somi Basathia ~ March 2017

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Being new to the medical beauty industry, I’ve learned a lot working at JUVA in the past couple months such as the difference between fillers and injectables, Botox vs Voluma. Yes, there’s a difference and I’m very proud to say that I know the difference! But perhaps the most interesting thing I’ve learned is the difference between traditional liposuction and Smart Lipo. I always thought it was the same thing lol! However, I recently learned that Smart Lipo is the advanced and improved version of traditional lipo by tightening the skin and producing collagen. I had the pleasure of catching up with one of our very own patients and staff member who had Smart Lipo done last month!

Somi: How long was the procedure?

V: I honestly don’t remember, I was pretty out of it (Sarhai our head nurse estimates about 2 hours).

Somi: Did you have any worries about having Smart Lipo done on your stomach? Were you nervous?

V: Yes, I was pretty nervous because I’ve never done liposuction before. People always talk about liposuction hurting and you always assume there will be pain. Needless to say, I was pretty nervous even though Dr. Katz is the best dermatologist out there! (I’m not just saying that because he’s my boss) :) 

Somi: Did it hurt? What did you feel?

V: No, it didn’t hurt and I wasn’t uncomfortable. I did feel a little bit of heat in the beginning when he was numbing my stomach but I promise there was no pain. After the procedure, there was a little bit of spot bleeding but nothing big. I was very impressed that I had no pain. Though I will say the day after surgery, my stomach was a little sore. I felt like I did 100 sit ups 

Somi: What advice would you give someone who is thinking of getting Smart Lipo?

V: I would recommend working out and getting physically fit before the procedure. Smart Lipo is not a substitution for fat removal but rather a supplement to help eliminate unwanted fat. I wish I would have worked out more before the procedure.

Make sure you eat something before the surgery! I can’t stress how important that is.  I was grateful I had breakfast because the medicine they give me pre-surgery can make you nauseous. I would also recommend following ALL the instructions your doctor gives you.

Finally, please do your research. Spend the extra money and get the procedure done by a board-certified dermatologist who knows what they’re doing - it’s really worth it!

Somi: It’s been about a month – do you see any changes?

V: In the beginning, you’re a little bloated but that goes away after 2 weeks and then you begin to see results. Now I can definitely see a difference. I really believe in Smart Lipo. It was quick and I can feel my skin tightening.

Somi: What’s the one thing you will wear more now that you’ve had Smart Lipo?

V: Body suits!!! Literally I can’t wait to get in one and flaunt my toned stomach 

Somi: Were you able to go back to work the next day? What was the recovery time for you?

V: Well technically I had the weekend off but I was back at work on Monday – lol! I woke up the next day and did my laundry. I was pretty much back to my normal routine.

Somi: Did you make any changes in your lifestyle?

V: I am trying to lead a healthy lifestyle now post Smart Lipo. Once you see the fat go away you never want to see it again. I think it’s soo important to sweat it at the gym. It really complements Smart Lipo!