Understanding Facial Aging

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The effects of age on your face are unavoidable. As you get older, your skin will start to lose its elasticity (flexibility), becoming dryer and thinner, and causing cosmetic issues like wrinkles and facial folds to appear. Some of these changes are prompted by environmental factors, such as sun damage, but others occur naturally over time due to slower collagen production in your skin, and a lower supply of nutrition to the face.

Other factors involved in facial aging include:

  • Tissue displacement - Gravity is constantly pulling your body downward. When you get older, this force takes its toll on your face tissues, causing a loss of elasticity in the ligaments and skin. Your eyelids and brows may begin to sag, creating a tired appearance. Hanging skin in the lower face can result in jowls, compromising your jaw and chin definition.
  • Excess fat accumulation - Along with other changes in the face, you may notice that your eyes appear puffier. This is caused by increased fat accumulation in the upper and lower eyelids. Fat also tends to accumulate in the neck and jowl area, making your chin appear "weaker" and less defined.
  • Loss of facial volume - Your body changes its patterns of fat deposition as you age, and your face loses priority. This results in a loss of facial volume, especially in the forehead and around your eyes, which can create a worn, "hollowed-out" appearance.

Although facial aging is a natural part of life, there is no need to fully resign yourself to these changes. At JUVA Skin & Laser, our experienced New York City cosmetic surgeons offer state-of-the-art facial rejuvenation treatments - some of which we have pioneered ourselves - utilizing the latest techniques and technologies available in the field.

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